US, EU to financially aid Ukraine

US, EU to financially aid Ukraine


25 February 2014 | Source: NHK

The United States and the European Union are considering plans to extend financial aid to Ukraine.

The European Union says it is looking at working with member countries, the International Monetary Fund and global financial institutions.

An EU spokesperson said on Monday that they will provide Ukraine with mid- to long-term aid if progress is made on necessary reforms.

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton met with leaders of Ukraine’s opposition in Kiev on Monday. They said Ashton told them the EU would offer economic aid after a transitional government is in place. Observers say the European Union is rushing to assemble an aid package to support the installation of a transitional government led by pro-EU forces.

White House spokesperson Jay Carney told reporters on Monday that the US and other countries are ready to support Ukraine as it launches reforms needed to restore economic stability. Carney said that US support would complement an IMF aid package.

A senior US Treasury Department official said Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde agreed in a phone conversation on the need to support Ukraine

25 February 2014 | NHK

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