Omar Hilal Presents his Credentials to Ban Ki-moon

Omar Hilal Presents his Credentials to Ban Ki-moon



Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Mr. Omar Hilale, the newly appointed Ambassador in Morocco’s Permanent Mission at the United Nations in New York, presented yesterday his credentials to the United Nations’ secretary general Ban Ki-moon.

On the sideline of their meeting, Hilale said Ban Ki-moon expressed his warm greetings and his appreciation to the work done by King Mohammed VI to promote Morocco, as relayed by the Moroccan Press Agency (La MAP).

Hilale also said that even though the Sahara issue remains Morocco’s “Top of priorities”, the Kingdom is also seeking to play a key role in various international issues, especially those related to economics, human rights, peacekeeping, security in the world, and the post-2015 world climate change agenda.

The Moroccan Times.