Ministry of Health: “No Corona Virus cases in Morocco”

Ministry of Health: “No Corona Virus cases in Morocco”



On Thursday, the Ministry of Health announced that it has not registered any cases of the Corona Virus in Morocco.

The minister of health Mr.Louardi was caught saying that health monitoring at the border has also been strengthened and that the Ministry has taken a lot of precautionary measures.

Also, the ministry has provided the necessary precautions measures for health agents to provide medical checks and surveillance to Moroccan travelers heading to Saudi Arabia for “Umrah”.

The Minister added that they will be cooperating closely with the “Institut Pasteur” and the Moroccan Hygiene institute to monitor closely the situation.

It is important to note that  Saudi Arabia confirmed more than 272 cases of the virus.

Every month thousands of Moroccans travel to Saudi Arabia to perform the Islamic ritual of “Umrah”.

Many Saudis also visit Morocco for tourism matters.

If you understand French, check the Moroccan Minister of health yesterday’s press conference on the Corona Virus.

The Moroccan Times.