Halal Wine Set to See Light Soon in Morocco

Halal Wine Set to See Light Soon in Morocco




Interested in trying different halal spirits products?

Well… If you say yes then go to the Agriculture forum of Meknes. The exhibition will last till May 3rd.

Since the opening of the 7th edition of the Agricultural Forum of Meknes, which started last Thursday, an exhibition of different bottles of “halal spirits” were tried by the forum’s visitors.

Al Akhbar said 63 Halal products, exported from Spain, are exhibited in the forum.

The exclusive importer of those “halal products” was interviewed by Moroccan news outlet Al Akhbar and said that the ” Spirits products without alcohol are a serious alternative for Moroccan alcohol consumers who seriously consider to stop drinking”.

It is worth recalling that the “Halal spirits” market in some Muslim countries, namely Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, is skyrocketing.

In Morocco, such products are not officially on the wide-market yet, but are expected to see light soon.

On a sideline note, it should be said that Wine and other forms of alcohol are forbidden in Islam, so a type of nonalcohol wine was developed to allow Muslims to drink without going against the rules of the Qur’an.

Halal spirits makers produce it under very exacting conditions, and it goes through a number of religious and technical examinations before being certified as halal.

As a matter of example, Halal wine is certified by the Halal Institute of the Islamic Board or the Halal Quality Control.

The Moroccan Times.