Dozens of Cambridge Academics Condemn Israel’s Attack on Gaza

Dozens of Cambridge Academics Condemn Israel’s Attack on Gaza


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More than 50 academics at the University of Cambridge signed a statement, condemning Israel’s recent attack on Gaza and urging a lifting of the blockade and justice for the Palestinian people.

Signatories to the statement, published Sunday, included experts from a variety of disciplines. The motivation, according to the professors, is a responsibility, whether as practitioners of our various subjects, as employees of this University, as academics, or just as human beings, to speak out against the recent actions and posture of the Israeli regime, Middle East Monitor reported.

The statement highlighted the death and destruction caused by Israel’s “bombardment”, including hundreds of child fatalities and “entire families” wiped out, atrocities that “occured against the background of decades of Israeli occupation and illegal expansion”.

The Cambridge-based scholars tackled the “disingenuous” accusation of “singling Israel out”, noting the “unmistakable asymmetry of power between the two sides”.

“As many have persuasively argued over the last few weeks, it is Israel that singles itself out: through its claims to moral impeccability, its celebrated status as a democracy, through its receipt of massive support from the US and other nations, and through its abuse of the memory of the holocaust in order to deflect criticism and to discredit the Palestinian struggle – on this point, we wish to express our solidarity with the more than 300 holocaust survivors and their descendants who have recently called on the world to take action to stop Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians,” the statement read.