Benatia Impresses With Bayern Munich

Benatia Impresses With Bayern Munich [Video Included]


Munich, Germany– The Moroccan defender Mehdi Benatia did pretty well in yesterday’s game against his former teammates of Roma, although he could have done better than that if he had scored one of the two opportunities that were presented to him.

Overall, the player was consistent during the whole game and performed well in the defense. He even went on forward on many occasions to support the Midfield and the Attack lines.

Benatia made during the whole game very accurate passings and was a constant support for his side to go forward.

Benatia is yet to score his first goal in the Champions league, though he was very close to break the tie yesterday.

In the first half, Benatia almost headed for his team when he saw an Alaba crossing from a free-kick curve few centimeters away from his head.

During the second half, Benatia had another chance to score. The Moroccan saw a corner kick crossing land onto him. He seized the opportunity and kicked the ball with a half-volley, but unfortunately he missed the target by few centimeters.

The Moroccan Times.