Morocco Condemns Vigorously Terrorist Acts in Saudi Arabia

Morocco Condemns Vigorously Terrorist Acts in Saudi Arabia


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Morocco’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and cooperation issued a communiqué in which it vigorously condemned the recent terrorist acts perpetrated in Saudi Arabia.

“The Kingdom of Morocco vigorously condemned the terrorist act that targeted on Monday evening the province of Al Ahsa, east of Saudi Arabia, and claimed the lives of many innocent victims and injured many, in addition to the death of a security agent and the injury of two others while on duty,” the communiqué read.

“The Kingdom of Morocco expresses its vigorous condemnation of this horrible criminal act which is meant to sow discord and disagreement, undermine the security and stability of this brotherly Arab country and prejudice its citizens,” the communiqué further noted.

“While reiterating its rejection of all forms of terrorism regardless of its origin and motives, The Kingdom Morocco reaffirms its full and unwavering support and continued solidarity with the brotherly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its fight against terrorism and the preservation of its security and stability,” the communiqué closed.

The Moroccan Times.