Open Letter to King Mohammed VI

Open Letter to King Mohammed VI


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Dear King Mohammed VI,

We are writing to you on behalf of my family Mina and Mohamed Elhiyani (The Moroccan CIN number of Mina is: h363378), who live in the Safi region, Douar ouled Ben Daoud, Djemaa shaim, Morocco.

We are kindly asking for your help, assistance and compassion for our sister and father in law who were brutally attacked in 2013.

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Their 3 male attackers were found and given a one month suspended sentence, which we feel deeply in our hearts was not justice at all.  We just ask you very kindly to please look into this matter further. The family has previously sought your help but with no response.

Both my sister and father in law were left badly bruised and our sister left with broken teeth and now both are feeling very vulnerable and isolated.

We feel saddened that the attackers were not given the adequate and reasonable punishment to fit the crime and that maybe part of the reason is because they live in a middle class sand in a rural area.

We also feel that a full and proper investigation was not carried out. We have voiced our opinions before but never received any reply. No response at all from those we wrote to.

We are asking you again, please help us to sort this problem so we can have peace and stop any further suffering.

We enclose pictures of our father and sister in law which show the bruising and broken teeth they both sustained in this unprovoked attack.

We look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,

By: Gillian Wigglesworth