Floods in Morocco: Death Toll Increases to 33

Floods in Morocco: Death Toll Increases to 33 [Video Included]


The death toll of the floods in Morocco has increased to 33 following the Moroccan authorities recovering the body of a 45-year-old man, whose lifeless body was spotted floating on the flanks of a local river in the Shtouka Ait Baha region, south of Morocco.

Flash flooding in Southern Morocco has killed at least 33 people now, with many others still missing.

The Moroccan authorities are still inspecting various rivers’ flanks for more prospective casualties.

The national weather service has yet again alerted yesterday against more heavy rainfalls in the upcoming days in the region, ergo more floods.

Speaking during a session in the Moroccan parliament yesterday, the Moroccan Minister of Interior Hassad hinted out that most victims passed away as a result of neglecting the national weather service warnings and insisting on crossing over flooded bridges with their vehicles during peak flooding time.

The video above shows a Moroccan truck driver, accompanied by other people, miraculously surviving an incident following the truck tipping over as a result of the heavy water stream.

Luckily, they all survived after following closely ongoing advice given from locals who were standing near the raging river’s flanks.

The Moroccan Times.