Decrease In Gas & Diesel Prices In Morocco

Decrease In Gas & Diesel Prices In Morocco


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The Moroccan Ministry of Governance and General Affairs, headed by Mr. Mohamed Louafa, said yesterday in a statement that the price of various petroleum products will witness a decrease starting from today.

Namely, the price of the “essence super” (Diesel ) will drop by 27 centimes for the litter and will be sold at 11,78 DH/L.

The price of gas will be sold at 9.69 DH/L.

The price of the “fuel n 2”  will be sold at 4.601,93 DH while the “fuel n 2 ” used to generate electricity will be sold at 4.400,37 DH/t.

Those changes will go under effect starting from today and will concern the first half of the month of December, the ministry said.

The decision comes as a direct result of the witnessed decrease in oil prices in the international market.

It is worth pointing out that gas prices in Morocco undergo a revision on the 1st and 16th of each month, in accordance with last year’s adopted indexation measure, which links gas prices in Morocco to any increase or decrease in the international market.

The Moroccan Times.