TIJJINI: “Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Considers the Wife of A Moroccan...

TIJJINI: “Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Considers the Wife of A Moroccan Worse Than a Pig.”


The story Mr. Tijjini narrated in his show “Tijjini Talk” will sound unpalatable to your ear, yet very true and very sad, to say the very very least.

In his last show entitled “Scandal: Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Considers the Wife of a Moroccan Worse Than a Pig,”  Tijjini shed the light on the hell-on-earth situation a Moroccan doctor who has resided in Saudi Arabia for the last 40 years is going through since last May.

It all started when the Moroccan doctor, who is married to a Syrian wife and from which he had 4 kids -aged 12,9,7,and 4 successively and who all hold the Moroccan citizenship- has decided to return once for all to Morocco to open his own doctor’s office.

However, as his wife is Syrian, she had to apply for a Morocco Visa. To their astonishment, the Moroccan embassy in Saudi Arabia has refused 2 times her visa application because of a newly introduced law that “forbids all Syrian citizens from entering Morocco.” The decision left the family on the brink of a split and in a very difficult situation since the father has quit his job in Saudi Arabia and is paying the expensive rent for “what was supposed to be” the family’s new house and office in Morocco since last May.

In the wake of this turn of event, the Moroccan doctor even went to Rabat to try to talk to officials from the Moroccan Ministry of Interior and the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, but his efforts were in vein as he was constantly being told “the law is the law and there is no exceptions to it.”

To add insult to injury, Tijjini said that a Moroccan official from the Ministry of Interior, thinking he got a genie-is-out-of-the-bottle solution, told the Moroccan doctor “tell you wife to give you a renunciation document so that you could legally take the kids to Morocco, then take your 4 kids and run away from your Syrian wife, and then afterwards get a Moroccan wife, you know there is plenty of women in Morocco.”

The Moroccan doctor has already uploaded a video online highlighting his case and hoping it will reach King Mohammed VI, who could then make a humanitarian exception for such a case, especially given the fact that “the Syrian who was refused entry to Morocco is the biological mother of 4 Moroccans and is married to a Moroccan citizen for 15 years now.”

The Moroccan Times.