Morocco Calls Its Ambassador to Egypt Back

Morocco Calls Its Ambassador to Egypt Back

mursi benkirane
Legitimate Egyptian President Mursi welcoming Morocco’s head of government Benkirane before his ousting following a military coup lead by Former General Chief Al Sisi.

According to a source from the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who has spoken to the Moroccan Times on the condition of anonymity, Morocco has called back this Monday its ambassador to Egypt for consultations, and “for a limited amount of time.”

Though our source stressed that Morocco has called back its ambassador “only for a limited amount of time and that he is expected to return to Egypt soon,” the move comes in the wake of the tarred relationship that has characterized the two countries’s politics vis-à-vis each other.

It is worth reminding that Morocco has called the spade a spade with the unveiling of 2015 after it called Egypt’s army forces toppling the “legitimate President Mohamed Mursi in July 2013 a coup d’état” and “not a revolution.”

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