Gulfsands Petroleum: Gas Discovered in Morocco Successfully Tested For Production

Gulfsands Petroleum: Gas Discovered in Morocco Successfully Tested For Production


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Gulfsands Petroleum, the oil and gas production, exploration and development company with activities in Morocco, provided an update on the tests it has performed on the gas discovered in the Douar Ouled Balkhair 1 well, located within the Rharb Centre Permit in Northern Morocco.

The company said that “during testing of this discovery, gas flowed to surface during the well’s clean up flow period at rates in excess of 10 million standard cubic feet per day (“mmscfpd). Douar Ouled Balkhair 1 has now been suspended as a future gas production well.”

“The first two wells to be drilled on this permit were also successful in finding gas and flowing it to surface,” the company further noted.

“Significantly elevated gas readings obtained while drilling, as well as interpretation of geological samples and wire line logs, indicated the presence of a gas bearing sandstone reservoir section of excellent quality. Detailed petrophysical evaluation of wireline logs over the primary target yielded an interpretation indicating a 4.2 metres gross sand thickness, with a net sand thickness of 3.7 metres and evaluated average gas saturation of 70% and average porosity of 34%,” Gulfsands Petroleum added.

Mahdi Sajjad, the Company’s CEO commented on this update saying that “we are delighted with the results of the drilling and flow testing operations at well DOB-1. This is the third consecutive successful exploration drilling result that the Company has achieved in Morocco utilising the 3D seismic data acquired and processed in 2013-2014.”

“We are continuing with our efforts to commence production from these discoveries and are receiving much appreciated assistance from ONHYM to ensure this is achieved as soon as possible,” Sajjad stressed.

The Moroccan Times.