“Look, He Has A Quran. Do you Think He Got A Gun...

“Look, He Has A Quran. Do you Think He Got A Gun Under His Tunic?”


The video underneath features a young Muslim student of Egyptian descent dressed with a white tunic, wearing a Taqiyah on top of his head and holding a Quran for the sake of a social experiment. The young student walked around the Italian city of Milan for 5 hours to see how people would react to his dress.

While doing so, the man was flooded with insults.

The barrage of insults included the following:

“Look at this Taliban,” a woman shouted.

“S***, have you seen the ISIS,” another person said.

“Look, he has a Quran. Do you think he got a gun under his tunic?” a man said.

” An Imam of shit,” another person said.

The Moroccan Times.