Dchira: Moroccan Youth Accuse Al-Istiqlal of Corruption

Dchira: Moroccan Youth Accuse Al-Istiqlal of Corruption


hamid chabat corruption

Rabat,Morocco- On various social media platforms, especially on Facebook, Moroccan youth and various sports athletes took their loathing of the secretary General of Al-Istiqlal party, Mr. Hamid Chabat, as well as the local representative of the said party at the Moroccan city of Dchira, to another new level and accused the party of “being corrupt”, following the emergence of a photo showing that the party used one of the trucks belonging to the Moroccan state to erect a placard for the sake of the party(check photo above), in the wake of the Al-Istiqlal party holding its seasonal gathering in the city of Dchira.

Various local sports clubs are also accusing the party of using local resources, and are denouncing the fact that the local sport complex, belonging to the Moroccan state, and administrated by the Moroccan Ministry of Youth and Sports, will be closed for seven days to enable the partisans of the said party gather, which will prevent them from practicing sports for one week.

It is worth reminding that the local representative of the city of Dchira belongs to the party of Al-istiqlal.

According to various local witnesses, the using of the truck occurred late at night time.

  The Moroccan Times.