London School of Marketing Seeks Moroccan Expansion

London School of Marketing Seeks Moroccan Expansion

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Image from archive.

London School of Marketing plans to open a regional centre in one of the Morocco’s major cities and is in the process of looking for a partner organisation to help get the project off the ground.

The regional centre will allow Moroccan students the chance to obtain a British qualification without having to travel to the UK.

Already popular in countries such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia, the centres, also known as Local Access Points, have enabled hundreds of students from North Africa and the Middle East to gain a British marketing qualification.

Famous alumni from London School of Marketing even include members of the Saudi royal family.

All the courses are taught online and students will still get the same amount of interaction with lecturers and professors as those based in the UK.

Through the school’s secure online study platform, students will be able to access course information as well as interact with academics and fellow students.

The institution is now seeking potential locations in the country to establish the Local Access Point (LAP). They are looking for an entrepreneurial partner to provide the school with space for 10 – 15 computers, fast, secure internet access and meeting room facilities.

The courses currently offered by London School of Marketing are BA (hons) in Marketing, BA (hons) in Business Management, MA in Marketing and Innovation and the MBA.

Anton Dominique, chief marketing officer at London School of Marketing commented: “We’re really excited about expanding into Morocco.

“Our existing Local Access Points in North Africa and the Middle East region are already successful and have produced many graduates.

“A British qualification is one of the most valuable in the world, however for many international students the cost of travelling to and living in the UK makes it almost impossible.

“The regional centres allow students to study exactly the same courses as those in the UK but without the cost of traveling, foreign accommodation and obtaining a British visa.

“Morocco was the natural choice as the location for our next LAP in Africa as it is such a vibrant country with an emerging group of young professionals who want to further their career with a British qualification.

“We are really open to working with partners from either the world of business or education, as long as they have the ability to provide us with the space and technology needed, we are happy to come to an arrangement.

“Despite our LAPs being based all over the world, London School of Marketing is committed to giving all students both domestic and foreign, the chance to enjoy the full student experience.

“Students from Morocco can become an active part of London School of Marketing’s online community, communicating and collaborating with people from all over the world.

“Morocco, already has close ties with the UK and the development of our Local Access aims to strengthen these bonds even further.”