Drink Smart With Vessyl, Keep Calories in Check

Drink Smart With Vessyl, Keep Calories in Check


If a simple thing like a cup has been ordered in 75 countries and people from 200 countries know about it, it certainly deserves a look. Modern technology and gadgets are transforming our lives beyond imagination. Liquids contain a large amount of calories. Whatever be the choice of the beverage – tea, coffee or  juices and yogurt, people tend to consume without a thought about the health consequences. It applies to consumption of alcohol too. Doctors and nutritionists  take fees to tell people that they need to cut down on sugar and calories. High calorie intake leads to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other diseases.

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The unbridled consumption of calorie-rich liquids will be a thing of the past if the world switches over to Vessyl – a smart magical cup which helps you understand how your ‘’liquid calories’’ add up over the course of the day and week. It can be connected to your phone, not necessarily a smart phone, to receive updates via the mobile application. The display is activated everytime you pour a beverage in it.  The beverage category, lens and Pryme meter all show up. Vessyl can be put in a fridge but not in the freezer as the battery may discharge. It has sophisticated sensors that can analyze the content at the molecular level. The focus of Mark One is to help people improve their nutrition.

Vessyl tracks meticulously that you pour mindlessly. It will keep track of how much caffeine you have consumed. It helps to track the sugar content. Which sugar is best for you? Agave, honey, brown sugar, maple syrup or brown rice syrup? The best sugar is less sugar! Even if you drink from a straw or spoon Vessyl will know that you are drinking without lip or mouth contact on the cup. You can have a Vessyl at home and another at work but you can sync both to the same phone. Vessyl’s charger is compatible with a standard USB Micro-B cable, This provides many options like charging from your computer. You can, otherwise, buy a local USB adaptor to use with your charger.  You can charge Vessyl even while there is a drink in it. A specialized glass in the interior is used to make Vessyl non-stick and easy to clean. Vessyl is water resistant. It is safe under normal use and washing. A quick rinse is enough to clean it. The only wire that is included is the one connecting the charging saucer to the power outlet. You can pour boiling water, tea or coffee apart from very thick liquid like yogurt and smoothies. The tracking of calories is so accurate that Vessyl accounts for even the melting ice cubes as it tracks nutritional metrics. Vessyl will detect the water from the melting ice. It can hold 385 ml or 13 oz of liquid. It is designed to be scratch resistant but it can be scratched if you put a knife to it. It is available in the United States on order and it is being shipped to different countries also.


Vessyl will no doubt ‘pour hot water’ on your uncontrolled urge to consume beverages or liquids of your choice like before.  Wives will have a novel way to monitor and control their husbands. Though they do not tolerate ‘somebody else’ in the house, they will surely welcome Vessyl to keep a tab on the liquid euphoria of their husbands including alcohol. Vessyl will empower women to keep themselves slim and have a healthy husband and a healthy family atmosphere.

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