Huge Crowd at Amer Kapetanovic’s ‘Meanwhile in India’ Exhibition in Bosnia

Huge Crowd at Amer Kapetanovic’s ‘Meanwhile in India’ Exhibition in Bosnia


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Bosnia-Herzegovina’s famed photo journalist Amer Kapetanovic is hogging the lime light with his ‘Meanwhile in India’ exhibition. Huge crowds are lining up to see the phenomenal work of Amer. Everyday life in India, portraits and landscapes that Amer captured on his India visit is on display at the Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. The crowds are having a visual feast with 22 framed photographic prints and 170 other images, which convey the sensibilities, sharpness and attention to details in Amer’s works. His love for travelling took him to India. The media frenzy is evident from the photo below about the coverage the exhibition received.

Amer Kapetanovic

Speaking to The Moroccan Times from Sarajevo, Amer Kapetanovic disclosed that this exhibition is a very important event in his life. Amer was fascinated by the friendly people of India, culture art and architecture. He was mighty pleased with the response of the common people and the elite of Bosnia, who appreciated his work.

The highlight of the exhibition is that for the first time in Bosnia, on the opening day of the exhibition Macline d. o. o and Sony teamed up together for digital cinema projection of photography in 4K technology. This technology enables displaying of photography on large areas with elaborate and impressive details about colour and depth. The visual experience was coupled with mesmerizing musical recorded song played out on speakers from the world-renowned Anoushka Shankar from India. It was selected by the ‘heart beat of Bosnians’ – musician  Damir Imamaovic. The week-long exhibition concludes on 26th March 2015.

Amer Kapetanovic india

Amer Kapetanovic’s services are sought after even by the United Nations (UN). He has covered assignments for the UNICEF, UN Women, UNDP, UNFPA, UNV and UNEP. He was much applauded for producing several national campaigns aimed to end violence against women, girls and children. Amer has shared some of the photographs on display at the exhibition for the readers of The Moroccan Times.

Amer has captured beautifully the diversity of India as the photographs show. From the everyday life to pictures of religious places and the famous hill resorts of Spiti in the northern hill state of Himachal Pradesh, Amer has infused life into photographs.

Amer covered New Delhi, the states of Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh. In Rajasthan, he went to Jaipur and Jodhpur. It may be recalled that the famous British actress Elizabeth Hurley had married her one time beau and Indian businessman Arun Nayar in Rajasthan. They have parted ways now.

india 1
An Iftar time scene during Ramadan at the tomb of the ‘patron saint of Delhi’ Hadhrat Nizamuddin Aulia from the Chisti Sufi lineage. The building in red is the mosque built by the saint. The white building is the tomb.
india 2
Spiti is a popular tourist destination for the Israeilis. A typical Indian woman carrying a child on her back in the hills of Spiti is depicted in the photograph.
india 3
Humans and animals co-exist peacefully. Two innocent creatures – a little girl and a goat symbolize the simple life style of Indians