Morocco’s Dailies Prices Set to Increase By 1DH

Morocco’s Dailies Prices Set to Increase By 1DH

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Marrakesh, Morocco (TMT)- Morocco’s dailies prices will increase by 1 dirham starting from tomorrow, a communiqué from the Moroccan Federation of Newspaper Publishers (FMEJ) said.

The FMEJ stressed that “the increase comes as a result of the worldwide witnessed ‘decline of newspapers phenomenon,’ which had adverse consequences on the the press industry at large in Morocco.”

In Morocco, as in various countries around the globe, the newspaper industry has indeed faced down soaring newsprint prices, with more and more plummeting advertisement sales.

As a matter of fact, according to recent figures from Morocco’s Office de Justification de la Diffusion (OJD), “the sales of Moroccan newspapers continued to fall in 2014, with the number plummeting over 20% for some specific outlets.”

The Moroccan Times.