When Young Moroccans Start their Own Enterprises: Luzia e-Design

When Young Moroccans Start their Own Enterprises: Luzia e-Design

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Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- In the wake of the increasing youth unemployment phenomenon in Morocco, various freshly graduated students opt for creating their own startups instead of taking to the windy path of finding a job in Morocco, a country well-known for the prevalence of favouritism and clientelism in job offers, which makes it harder to lure a good job for mainstream Moroccans, let alone for freshly graduated students.

It is in this room that Luzia web agency was founded, thanks to a partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) in the frame of the “Export Lab” project, a project undertaken by AMCHAM to foster and increase the exchanges between the American and Moroccan economies.

The Moroccan Times spoke to Luzia’s Digital Strategist, Mr. Ahmed El Ahrach who shed light on this new startup. El Ahrach told The Moroccan Times that “Luzia was founded by two Al Akhawayn University alumni, Ahmed Lahlou, co-founder and CEO, and Mohamed-Amine Lechgar, co-founder and Executive Manager, in summer 2014. Their main services are web design and digital marketing with an aim to reach national and international markets.”

El Ahrach further noted that “the role of Luzia in the Export Lab is to participate and provide solutions for the exporting companies in terms of product re-labeling in English, e-commerce web development and overall digital strategy. “

“The digital sector today is the highest growth sector in Morocco and Africa in general. To cope with the variety of smartphones and tablets available today, Luzia is able to design responsive websites, adaptable to all platforms and easy to navigate through. Besides e-commerce development, Luzia also offers institutional and corporate web design, as well as blogs and online magazines,” Ahmed stressed.

“To create a website is one thing but to drive visitors to it is another. Luzia provides digital marketing services as well. Since today’s digital landscape is extremely competitive, the need for digital marketing has increased dramatically. Luzia helps its collaborators market their products and services to a Moroccan and international audience using different digital marketing strategies such as Google Adwords, SEO ( search engine optimization), social media marketing and so on, constantly optimizing the campaigns for the best conversion rate and return on investment,” El Ahrach closed.

The Moroccan Times.