The Iran Nuclear Deal: Securing President Obama’s legacy

The Iran Nuclear Deal: Securing President Obama’s legacy


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left quote right quoteHistory shows us that America must lead not just with our might, but with our principles. It shows we are stronger not when we are alone, but when we bring the world together. ~President Barack Obama [/symple_box]

The historic and monumental Iran Nuclear Talks have finally concluded successfully on July 14, 2015. This is a highly significant factor which lays the foundation in establishing President Obama’s legacy.

Essentially, the Iran Talks have led to an agreement in curbing its access to nuclear weapons  and rigorous international inspections in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions. A win-win situation, the agreement will provide Iran with much more sound economic growth, particularly by opening its doors to mass tourism. It will also  provide a secure commitment that Iran will keep its nuclear weapons at bay, allowing for healthier and more deeply-rooted diplomatic relations globally.

For President Obama, this achievement is clearly a key aspect of a foreign policy which will surely attribute to his legacy for when he leaves office in 2017.

However, this deal comes with its share of obstacles from the Republican Party and the majority Republican Congress. It is fervently lobbying the idea of the “threats” of allowing a “dangerous” Islamic state to maintain any nuclear weaponry. Not surprising, the Republicans fail to recognize or respect what is a huge victory in terms of diplomatic negotiations.

President Obama has clearly stated that he will veto any legislation passed by Congress which opposes this deal.

The Republican claims of dangers and threats are merely pretexts to deny and discredit the merits of the Obama administration and the Iranian government in what is actually a historic achievement in foreign policy negotiations.

The success of the Iran Talks is occurring simultaneously with the easing of economic sanctions and reestablishment of diplomatic ties with Cuba after over 50 years of a Cold War, another hugely positive foreign policy achievement.

President Obama has made foreign policy much of his primary objective in his last 2 years in office. Successful and peaceful negotiations in foreign policy will certainly be key factors in cementing his legacy. Hopefully, they will be continued by the next administration along the same lines. A very essential step in maintaining global peace and security.

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