Casablanca Police Authorities: Loubna Abidar is Lying

Casablanca Police Authorities: Loubna Abidar is Lying

30-year-old Moroccan actor Loubna Abidar.
30-year-old Moroccan actor Loubna Abidar.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Few hours after Loubna Abidar flew to France in the aftermath of the alleged assault with knives by strangers she was subject to last Thursday in Casablanca, the Casablanca police authorities have yet again stressed that the main actor in “Much Loved” is making up stories.

The Casablanca police authorities again categorically reiterated their denial to Loubna Abidal’s story, following an official statement released last Friday where they stressed that she is all but telling the truth.

“The Casablanca police authorities categorically deny the information contained in the video [where Abidar claims to have been mistreated and to have been denied medical care] and stress that she was treated with professionalism and objectivity.”

The Casablanca police authorities further noted that Loubna Abidar visited them last Friday at 2:30 am at a police station located in the Anfa district with an aim to lodge a complaint about an assault, “but she did not disclose the scene of the attack or its circumstances,” the authorities stressed.

Police officers “immediately listened to the subject who refused to sign the official record saying that she must first go to a hospital to receive the necessary care, a request that police authorities favorably accepted,” the authorities said.

Loubna claimed in a video published last Friday that the Casablanca police authorities made fun of her and that neither the authorities nor the private health clinics she went to in the aftermath of the assault assisted her or provided medical support.

“I was attacked and when I went to the police they did not help me. They told me, ‘Finally, they beat you”, Loubna said earlier.

“No doctor was willing to treat me in all the private clinics I visited,” Loubna added.

It is worth reminding that one of the actors playing the role of a Saudi man in the movie “Much Loved” was found few mouths ago to have made up a story of him being slashed with a knife in the neck in Casablanca by a mad stranger who allegedly did not like the movie .

The young actor made the news in Morocco and received huge support by mainstream Moroccans, but after an investigation was conducted, it turned out that the so-called assault was a mundane fight with an acquaintance of him.

Back then, his so-called aggressor made a video on YouTube and revealed the truth about their altercation, which turned out to have nothing to do with the controversy sparked by the movie.


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