Authorities Arrest Elements Behind the “Morocco Mall Bomb Scare”

Authorities Arrest Elements Behind the “Morocco Mall Bomb Scare”

View on Morocco Mall's aquarium. Image from archive.
View on Morocco Mall’s aquarium. Image from archive. Source

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The Moroccan Authorities arrested two persons behind the false bomb alarm scare in Morocco Mall, Africa’s largest mall.

Last Monday, the visitors of the Casablanca-based mall started fleeing the scenes after hearing an alarm, thinking the mall’s security were alerting them against a bomb, especially in the wake of the global terrorism threat around the world.

The authorities said that two employees working in a restaurant located in the mall’s food court were behind the scare.

The authorities said they are investigating the case, aiming at disclosing more information regarding the reasons that lead the two employees to trigger the alarm, emptying the mall of its visitors for around one hour.

The Moroccan Times.