Russia 24 Report Invites Russians to Visit “Morocco, a stable and tolerant...

Russia 24 Report Invites Russians to Visit “Morocco, a stable and tolerant Muslim Country with Great Tourist Attractions”

Hercules Cave, Tangier, Morocco.
Hercules Cave, Tangier, Morocco.

Marrakesh, Morocco (TMT)-The French saying goes, “Le malheur des uns fait le bonheur des autres, “which may translate in English to « one man’s loss is another man’s gain.”

In this spirit, and following the news of the economic sanctions that befell Turkey  after the downing of a Russian jet by two Turkish F-16s near the Syrian border on Nov. 24, Morocco looks set not only to export more fruits and vegetables to Russia, but its tourism sector may receive a boost following the broadcasting of a report dedicated to the kingdom on Russia 24, a report which invited Russians to visit “Morocco, a stable and tolerant Muslim country with great tourist attractions.”

The report not only highlighted Morocco’s tourism assets, but it also threw a spotlight on the bilateral relations that hallmark both countries, including “the growing trade partnership” and the “excellent cultural relation between the two countries.”

In said report, Marrakech and its lively Jemaa El Fna were presented as fascinating, in addition to Casablanca and its great Hassan II Mosque.

The report shed light also on Agadir, dubbed by Moroccans “the Pearl of the South.”

The Moroccan Times.