Benkirane to PJD Members: “Don’t Answer Mezouar’s Attacks Please”

Benkirane to PJD Members: “Don’t Answer Mezouar’s Attacks Please”

Morocco's head of the government, Abdellilah Benkirane.
Morocco’s head of the government, Abdellilah Benkirane.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The secretary general of Morocco’s Justice and Development party (PJD) and head of government, Abdellilah Benkirane, and his partner in the governmental coalition Salaheddine Mezouar, the secretary general of the National Rally for independents (RNI) and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, are at each other’s throats these days.

As a matter of fact, the government seem very fragile these days following a series of “attacks” Mezouar directed last week to what he described “a party that implements the agenda of the Muslim brotherhood in Morocco,” referring to the PJD.

The spat started 6 months ago in the wake of Morocco’s communal and regional elections, following members of the RNI not voting for their PJD coalition partners in some cities, which triggered various members of the PJD, including Morocco’s head of the government himself, to label them “traitors, who implement the Agenda of Morocco’s Makhzen party,” referring to the Party of Authenticity and Modernity (PAM).”

Back then, some RNI members voted in Casablanca for Mustapha Bakkoury, the former general secretary of the PAM, to head the Regional council of Casablanca instead of Abdessamad Haiker from the PJD, which drove various PJD members to label the RNI as “a party of traitors” and stirred controversy within RNI members themselves as the following video illustrates.

Benkirane this time choose to not answer anymore the critics, calling on all members of his party to keep silent.

“Don’t answer his attacks anymore please. Let him say whatever he wants to say,” Benkirane stressed.

The Moroccan Times.