Brussels Terrorist Attacks: 2 Moroccan Women Dead

Brussels Terrorist Attacks: 2 Moroccan Women Dead

Aftermath of the terrorist acts.
Aftermath of the terrorist acts in the Brussels airport.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The Moroccan embassy in Brussels said that Moroccan people death toll has increased to 2 as another Moroccan woman passed away in the aftermath of the terrorist acts perpetuated yesterday morning in Brussels airport and the Molembek metro station.

The authorities said that 4 others are injured and currently receive the necessary treatment.

The Moroccan authorities also said that 3 Moroccans are currently lost, with the list including a university professor, an old man, and another woman.

The terrorist organization of the Non-Islamic State Of Iraq and Syria (NISIS) claimed yesterday responsibility for the terrorists acts.

The Moroccan Times.