House of Moroccan Witch Destroyed After She Sewed the Mouth of a...

House of Moroccan Witch Destroyed After She Sewed the Mouth of a Little Cat [Video]


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- A huge mob of around 300 people, consisting mostly of young students, in the city of Salé, located on the right bank of the Bou Regreg river, on the opposite side of Morocco’s capital Rabat, destroyed the main gate, windows, garage, and various belongings in the house of an old woman after they discovered that she sewed the mouth of a little cat for charlatanry purposes.

According to locals, the witch forced the little cat to swallow a spell, before she sewed the little animal’s mouth.

The mob initially started protesting peacefully yesterday in front of her house, located in the Oued Ed-Dahab neighborhood in Salé, only shouting “Siri Fhalek Ya Shouwafa,” which translates in English to “Go Away From Our Neighborhood, You Witch.”

But then afterwards, as adrenaline pumped in, the mob turned hysteric and started destroying the main gate, garage, windows, and other stuff of the witch’s belongings located in the garage[check featured video above].

At some point of time, the mob was scared after hearing a noise emanating from the house, which lead everybody to hurry outside of the destroyed garage, only to return back to destroy more belongings seconds later.

The authorities came at the scenes right after they were alerted, by some locals, of the ongoing protest, which triggered the mob to stop destroying other belongings.

The Moroccan Times.