Morocco foils major NISIS terror plot

Morocco foils major NISIS terror plot [Video]

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Morocco’s intelligence services foiled today “a major terrorist plot” that targeted diplomats, foreign nationals, and tourist sites in the kingdom, Morocco’s Interior ministry said.

The arrest was made by Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ), who snatched yabou Dbaye, a 33-year-old Chadian national, sent by the Non-Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (NISIS) to carry terrorist attacks in the kingdom.

Morocco’s Ministry of Interior described the plot as one that could have caused “massive damage,” damage reminiscent of the Casablanca terrorist attacks that occurred on May 16, 2003.

According to initial reports, the Chadian was asked by NISIS to scour Morocco’s northern region [The majority of Moroccans who traveled to Syria to join the ranks of NISIS come from Morocco’s northern region] in a bet to rally NISIS supporters, to then train them and set up sleeper cells.

During the arrest, a deadly arms cache was seized by the Moroccan authorities.

The Chadian national arrived in Morocco on May 4 via Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca, in a direct flight from Chad.

Moroccan bystanders as the featured video shows were caught in a jovial atmosphere applauding members of the BCIJ as they snatched the terrorist.

Sadly, some racist comments were directed by some bystanders at the Chadian terrorist.

The one could hear the word “Azzi,” meaning black in Moroccan darija, shouted when the Chadian was taken, eyes blindfolded, in a police van.

The Moroccan Times.