Ramadan Here we go again !

Ramadan Here we go again !


[symple_box] ali al aradiMr. Ali Al-Aradi is a Human Resource (HR), Learning Development (LD) & Management lecturer and writer, based in the Kingdom of Bahrain.[/symple_box]

Ramadan, a very special month has come again, the right time to start planning for your self-development. As an individual looking to be successful in the future perhaps it is now the best time for you to start questioning yourself: What is important and what do you want in life? Here are some tips below which will help you for your self-development in Ramadan:

Get into a dialogue with your heart: There are many times when the heart actually protests against our wrongdoings, but we ignore it. Now is the time for you to be true to yourself and consult your heart when in doubt. Do not feel scared to admit your ego and crush your deeply-rooted arrogance.

Spend some time alone every day for deep contemplation: This is a very good way of doing self-reflection. Think of what has gone wrong in your life or why you have not been happy despite all that we have. Come up with some resolutions to improve yourself and leave the old bad habits and attitudes. Then pray for strength. When your intention is sincere, divine help will follow.

Mend broken relationships: The concept of solidarity, brotherhood and kinship is passionately emphasized. If you have not been in good terms with a friend, or a family member, honour Ramadan with reconciliation by patching up broken hearts through soothing words of apology, or loving gestures. Remember, apologizing does not mean losing, and the reward of building human relationship is immense.

Be kind and exercise patience: Patience is crucial for success in anything you do. Whether it is work, or calamity, patience has to always be there as the most powerful tool. When angered, restrain yourself and think before blurting out any word.

Remember, every success starts with a single step, and every step starts with intention. May you become successful ones with the blessing of this Ramadan!