Fathallah Arslan: We are Boycotting next elections

Fathallah Arslan: We are Boycotting next elections

Fathallah-Arsalan, vice secretary general and official spokesman of the Justice and Charity movement.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The Vice Secretary General of The Justice and Charity movement Fathallah Arslan said in an interview given to Jeune Afrique in the wake of the on-door 2016 parliamentary elections in Morocco that “the political scene in Morocco is pathetic.”

Arslan stressed that his movement’s decision to boycott the elections does not stem from a will “to avoid a direct confrontation with establishment.”

“It is quite the opposite as the establishment fears our participation in the elections,” Arslan said.

Arselan ruled out any possibility of Justice and Charity members voting for the PJD party.

“The members of our movement are not registered on the electoral lists,” Arslan said.

“If the elections were to be fair, then we would participate,” Arslan closed.

The Moroccan Times.