Mohcine Fikri’s Friend: I saw him die in front of my eyes

Mohcine Fikri’s Friend: I saw him die in front of my eyes


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- A friend of Mohcine Fikri, who is also his business associate, gave an interview to Moroccan outlet Rif Press (featured Youtube video; interview conducted in Rifi language) to shed light on the death circumstances of the late, given that he witnessed the whole scenario from A to Z.

The man said that Mohcine, another business associate, and himself bought an important quantity of fish, with a price estimated at 60000 Dhs (around 6000 Euros) legally from the local port, but they did not go through the port authorities security when leaving the port.

“We were stopped by a patrolling police unit in the middle of Al Hoceima. They told us that we did not stop by the port authorities, so they called the local authorities and a hygiene medical examiner, who came at the scene,” Mouhcine’s friend said.

According to Mouhcin’s friend, the examiner then gave his orders to throw the fish into the garbage, triggering the authorities to summon a municipality trash truck on the fly. Mouhcine and his friends staunchly refused the decision, initially supplicating the authorities to turn a blind eye as they are “poor people,” stressing that the fish is still fresh as they just bought it from the port few minutes before.

As their supplications went in vain, the three associates asked “the authorities to at least donate the fish to an orphanage, a local prison, or a retirement home,” as “it was still fresh,” yet the authorities again refused.

At that moment of time, “Mouhcine, the other friend and I jumped in the rear of the truck as a form of protest” further stressing that at that moment, “the grinding machine was off.”

“Someone then from the local authorities asked the municipality aid to turn the grinding machine on, in a bet to scare us,” Mouhcine’s friend stressed.

“And then the catastrophe occurred. The other friend and I jumped out of the truck, but Mouhcine was trapped there due to his heavy weight and the fast speed of the machine,” which lead to his passing away.

The Moroccan Times.