Maati Monjib: The Makhzen System Needs to be Dismantled

Maati Monjib: The Makhzen System Needs to be Dismantled



Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Moroccan intellectual Maati Monjib, a well-known Moroccan professor of political history and African studies at the University of Rabat, said yesterday that “the Makhzen needs to be dismantled”, on the sidelines of an interview he gave to Moroccan outlet Lakom in the wake of the protest held yesterday in Rabat to denounce the harassment and humiliation inflicted to Mohcin Fikri, crushed to death with his fish in a trash lorry.

Speaking to Moroccan news outlet Lakome, Mounjib said that he “was shocked by the sad event.”

“I am taking to the street today as I was shocked by the sad event.

“The event is sad and shocking as an authority agent gave his orders to crush a citizen, even though there was an ongoing problem [between both sides], one that needed to be solved.

“This event reminds me of a 19th century story [in Morocco], where an agent wrote in a counselling letter to the Makhzen, where he suggested them to defeather the Moroccan people.

“This is still taking place nowadays.

“The Makhzen, and I am not making allusion here to the state with it legal and legislative meaning, needs to be dismantled ”

“I am making allusion to the Makhzen as an illegal traditional institution.

“The Makhzen humiliates people, life, and human rights,” Mounjib closed.

The Moroccan Times.