America’s Choice: On the Edge of Change

America’s Choice: On the Edge of Change


America will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”– Abraham Lincoln.

The American founding fathers—John Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, James Monroe, and Benjamin Franklin—led the American Revolution and established the United States of America.  The United States’ constitution, signed in 1787, is based on liberal values, guaranteed rights to every citizen and resident of the country.  People want freedom to live their lives the way they wish. This is why America is a shelter for those seeking liberties and basic human rights to live their lives with dignity and without interference.

As a country of immigrants, coming from Europe and Africa across the ocean, the minds of Americans today should be open to the rights of minorities that have come to the United States to benefit from these freedoms and rights, guaranteed to all.  America is a great nation of diversity where people of the world would like to come to live in coexistence with each other, where the belief that all deserve an equal chance of success.  Here, laws are enforced equally, religious equality is guaranteed, and all citizens and residents have the same rights given to them, as well as the same obligations and duties required of them.  In addition, corruption generally is not an issue like it is in other undeveloped countries around the world.

The democracy in the United States is based on two major political parties—Republicans and Democrats—and should reflect the will of the people.  The election system in the U.S. has historically worked sequentially, and the transfer of power between the Republicans and Democrats has been peaceful. The current election has not followed that pattern.  The Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump, based his campaign on challenging the principles of freedom in the United States.  He is very controversial; he seems to divide Americans and promotes hate and fear.  He creates doubts like no other presidential candidate in history.  He does not respect the alliances of the United States; wanting allies to pay for support and wanting to end the political creed of foreign policy.  He seems to want to separate the U.S. from their neighbors and the world, and monitor minorities that live there.  His competency to be president is in question due to his behavior and utter lack of knowledge.  Thus, the coming election on November 8 is critical and will determine the path in which the United States will travel in the future.  This election is a fork in the road, and the choices that will be made on election day will affect and influence the image of the United States all over the world.