Morocco needs an African media voice

Morocco needs an African media voice


It is time for Morocco to tell its story to Africa. Our African sisters and brothers should learn about the real Morocco, not the oriental image we sell to European countries. We need to voice our “Africanity”. Henceforth, we need to strengthen the historical, and cultural ties we have with the rest of the continent. It is time we turn the page to our isolationist mindset, and bring a new area of African media on the table.

His majesty the King, took the lead by building strong economic, political and social ties with a large majority of African countries. This is an open window for us to continue on this new mindset and work constructively to show to the African countries that Morocco is now not only an ally but also an example to follow. Yes we should spread the image of a successful story model for the rest  of the continent, and, for this, I believe we need to have a shift and connect via the media with Africa.

It is time for the African media to tell our story to Africa, to make every African say we wish we are like Morocco. To precisely achieve this, I suggest a very focused African media penetration plan that aims to boost the image of Morocco in Africa. The idea will be to break the ties with those media organisations that only represent the elite, including shifting our partnership to publications and media representations close to the people.

We don’t need mainstream media but rather a media with a soulful connection, and a strong echo to the population. The secret lies within the ability to spread a simple yet unified message to the rest of the African continent: One continent, one voice.
If we do so, from now on our story will be part of Africa and Africa will be part of our story.