Marouane el Hamdouni: a young Moroccan traveling the world with his motorbike...

Marouane el Hamdouni: a young Moroccan traveling the world with his motorbike to promote peace and tolerence


marouane el hamdouni

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)– Marouane el Hamdouni is a young Moroccan that aspires to travel all around the world with his motorbike. His message is very simple, yet powerful: promote Morocco’s values of peace, tolerance and hospitality while adventuring and doing charity work during his travel stops.

In his journey, which the young man enthusiastically calls the “Make them Smile Journey,” Marouane has already racked up a jaw-dropping 61000 kms while traveling across 19 countries.

“The main goal of my journey is to exchange and experience purely human relations while experiencing adventure, creating new friendships, and promoting cultural understanding between people from all walks of life,” Marouane told The Moroccan Times.

The aim of his travel journeys is also to do some charity during his stops, the young man stresses.

Marouane’s upcoming traveling journey.

Marouane plans now to travel another 25 new countries (mostly African ones) in the near future, planing to start his would-be 70000 kms journey from Casablanca, through Captown, to finally wind it up in Dubai.

To mesmerize his journey, Marouane plans to launch a DVD, a book, and a web-series documenting this thrilling experience.

The Moroccan Times.