About Us

About Us

The Moroccan Times is a non-profit news Magazine that aims to objectively report Moroccan and international news using the English language. The Moroccan Times is currently the second most-read Moroccan English news outlet in Morocco.

The Moroccan Times is a project led by a group of young Moroccan students and internationals who work collaboratively in order to meet a common mission regardless of each member’s ideologies or political affiliations.

Editor-in-chief: Idriss Benarafa

Phone number:

+49 157 76249706

The Moroccan Times does not have an editorial line as all opinions and thoughts are welcomed if they meet the minimum language and grammar clarity requirements.

If you want to publish an article or voice your opinion, we would be pleased to hear from you. Below is our email:


Please Note that the views expressed in all opinions are the authors’s own and do not necessarily reflect The Moroccan Times editorial policy.

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