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Aziz Achibane
Aziz Achibane is an English language teacher, a translator and manager of a center for foreign languages in Rabat. He holds a B.A in Economics from the university of Mohammed V in Rabat. He also performed his English language proficiency studies at the American Language Center in Rabat. Aziz has written a set of articles in Arabic, English, and French.

Basic steps to learning a language: English as an example

The passion of learning a language “Pick up your rose from the field of thorns” Many people wonder about the easiest and effective way to...

Language as a weapon of mass destruction

We certainly use languages to communicate with our acquaintances, express our thoughts, discover cultures and enrich our knowledge. We enjoy reading novels and poetry,...

Citizenship and dignity

The gap between the North and South seems to be deepening day after day. It looks like an avalanche that hires most of its...