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Idriss is the Head of the IT department at HI5 gmbh, a company located in the vicinity of Frankfurt, Germany. He has more than 8 years of experience as a software engineer. Idriss holds a joint international master's in computer science from Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and James Cook University, Australia, including a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco. Idriss speaks English, German, Arabic, French, and Spanish.

Fact check: Ahmed Assid makes false claims about coronavirus, misleads Moroccans

Editor's Note: We would like to inform our readers that following the running of this story on our Facebook page, some of Mr. Assid's fans and supporters...

A Moroccan woman from the time of the second world war

Frankfurt, Germany- My 93-year-old grandmother passed away last month. If you’d have seen her last year, the idea of her passing away that soon...

Muhammed Ali, ‘The Greatest of All Time,’ Is No More

"I’m the onliest person that can speak to everybody in the whole world. My name is known in Serbia, Pakistan, Morocco. These are countries...