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Rabbi Allen Maller
Rabbi Allen S. Maller was the rabbi at Temple Akiba in Culver City, CA for 39 years before retiring in 2006. Rabbi Maller is a graduate of UCLA and the Hebrew Union College. He has taught at Gratz College in Philadelphia, the Hebrew Union College and the University of Judaism in Los Angeles, and at the UCLA Extension. His website is:

Extra-Solar Life Comes Closer

  NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite has discovered its first near by Earth-size planet in its star's habitable zone, the range of distances where conditions...

Will Muslims Join Jews In Receiving Spanish EU Passports?

The deadline for Sephardic Jews living outside Spain to request Spanish nationality has expired with almost 127,000 applications; mostly from Latin America Jews living...

Government Attacks on Circumcision and Hanukah

A few years ago, a German appeals court barred a Muslim mother from circumcising her six-year-old son, relying on Germany's new anti-circumcision law passed...