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Rabbi Allen Maller
Rabbi Allen S. Maller was the rabbi at Temple Akiba in Culver City, CA for 39 years before retiring in 2006. Rabbi Maller is a graduate of UCLA and the Hebrew Union College. He has taught at Gratz College in Philadelphia, the Hebrew Union College and the University of Judaism in Los Angeles, and at the UCLA Extension. His website is:

A mosque burns and a synagogue shares

In the small Gulf Coast city of Victoria, Texas, there are several churches, but just one synagogue, and one mosque. At least that’s how...

Jewish Leaders Unite In Rejecting Ban On Muslim Refugees

President Donald Trump’s executive order banning refugees from entering the USA left most of the American Jewish community horrified — particularly as the announcement...

A Pair Of Holy Lungs Breathing Worldwide Spirit

During the pagan Greco-Roman Empire, the city of Jerusalem and its Temple (Beit HaMikdosh) were well known, and the Kaaba, the House of God...