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Rachid Laanani
Rachid Laanani is an English Language teacher, a translator, and supervisor at the Moroccan Scientific Community editing staff. Rachid has written a myriad of articles in Arabic and English.

More Time for Mime

Mime is simply the act of using movements of your hands and body, and expressions on your face, without speech, to communicate emotions and actions or to tell a story: The first scene was performed in mime. A short play without speech (1): Miming is so useful that it should be the...

Motivation: Multipliers and Diminishers

No wonder, everyone I surmise has got a story of demotivation to tell. I used to issue a modest school magazine with a view...

Missing Motivation

  Motivation is simply the desire, reason or impulse to act. It’s what’s gets you going venturing fearlessly, taking risks but aspiring to success. Barbara...