Israel displays seized arms to pressure Iran

Israel displays seized arms to pressure Iran


Israeli forces have publicly displayed a large cache of weapons they seized from a cargo ship that was allegedly on its way from Iran to the Gaza Strip.

Israel is accusing Iran of trying to smuggle weapons to Palestinian militants. Iran denies any links to the shipment.

The Israeli Navy intercepted the cargo ship in the Red Sea last week. The weapons were shown on Monday in the southern Israeli port city of Eilat. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu inspected the display.

The alleged contraband includes 40 rockets with a range of more than 100 kilometers and about 180 mortar rounds. The Israeli Navy says they were hidden under sacks of cement labeled as made in Iran.
Israel says the cargo ship was headed for Sudan, from where the arms would have been transported over land to the Gaza Strip.

Speaking to reporters, Netanyahu accused the international community of conveniently ignoring what he termed Iran’s real policies. He said those engaged in self-deception must awaken from their slumber.

The Israeli government organized a special flight for the media for the trip to Eilat, and also invited foreign military attaches stationed in Israel to view the weapons display.

Source: NHK