Istiqlal, PJD: tensions around the parliamentary channel project

Istiqlal, PJD: tensions around the parliamentary channel project


Shortly before his retirement, the president of the Chamber of Representatives Karim Ghellab requested an aid from the EU in order to finance the CPAC (parliamentary channel), a move that has angered the PJD and created new tensions between Morocco’s two major parties.


According to members of the PJD, this decision represents a direct threat to “the independence of the constitutional institution which plays a key role in controlling the executive branch and reserves the privileges for proposing legislations.” Moreover, the lamp party questioned the “usefulness” and “timing” that were chosen by Ghellab to launch such an initiative.

For its part, Nadia Dupuis, the head press and information officer of the EU Delegation in Morocco confirmed that “The European Union has indeed provided support to the House of Representatives.” However, it states that “this support is not aimed to finance one or more political parties, but rather to strengthen the abilities of the director of the House of Representatives.”


The Moroccan Times.