A 28 year-old Woman Gave Birth to a baby girl with two...

A 28 year-old Woman Gave Birth to a baby girl with two heads



A 28 year-old  Indian woman gave birth to “two” baby girls who have separate spinal cords, necks and heads but share the same set of organs and limbs.

The Mother, Urmila Sharma, 28, from the Haryana province in India said she could not afford ultrasound scans and consequently did not know she had twins until two weeks before the delivery date.

It is worth pointing out that this case is called dicephalic parapagus and is quitter rare.

Indian media outlets reported Doctor Shikha Malik, Who assisted the delivery of the two babies, saying: ‘The parents are very distressed and we are helping the family the best we can,’

‘We only came to know she was carrying conjoined twins after an ultrasound two weeks ago but it was too late to do anything by then,’ added Dr Malik.

Doctors say now the little baby girls cannot be separated as they share so many key body parts.
Dr Malik added: ‘Now the baby is born we will do our best to save her and we hope to operate once her condition is more stable.’

The Moroccan Times.