Spain deports Moroccan “Terrorist”, linked to Madrid’s bombings, to Tangiers

Spain deports Moroccan “Terrorist”, linked to Madrid’s bombings, to Tangiers


Yesterday night, Spanish authorities deported to tangier Rafa Zouhier, a Moroccan linked to Madrid’s bombings, after he completed a 10-year jail sentence “for obtaining the explosives used in the 2004 Madrid train bombings that killed 191 people,” Spanish authorities said.

Zouhier, who was jailed as he acted as the intermediary between a Spanish miner who provided him with the dynamite, which he handled in turn to the “Al Qaida” linked group responsible for the most deadly terrorist attacks modern Spain has ever witnessed.

Worthy mentioning that Zouhair, who had been behind bars since March 19, 2004, “was a former drug dealer turned police informer”, Yahoo news reported.

Zouhair was deported to Morocco as a Spanish law charter stipulates that any resident convicted for a serious crime on Spanish grounds is to be expulsed after purging jail time.

Yesterday night, Spanish police escorted him to Tangiers immediately after his release from the Puerto de Santamaria prison, Spanish interior minister was reported saying.

Before moving to Spain, Zouhier, was a martial arts expert.

 Originally from Casablanca, he moved to Spain in his teenage years.

Zouhier married recently “a 32-year-old Spanish computer sciences teacher in September 2013”

Daily newspaper El Mundo said the newly married couple met at a nightclub where he worked as a bouncer before his arrest.

Worthy pointing out also that he main suspects of Madrid’s bombing committed suicide on April 3, 2004, after they blew themselves up in an apartment near Madrid, killing a policeman in the sad event.

The Moroccan Times.