Police intervention: Blind unemployed tried immolating themselves

Police intervention: Blind unemployed tried immolating themselves


In Rabat on Wednesday, Moroccan police used water cannons to prevent blind unemployed university graduates from setting themselves on fire. This occurred during a protest against the hiring freeze in the public sector.

They were a group of 13 blind unemployed who were already sprayed with gasoline, threatening to go to the further step. In response, the police sprayed them with water cannons.

These blind unemployed, who are seeking employment in the public sector, have been taking the streets more often using slogans such as “I want a job in my country. I want to live with dignity in my country”.

On April 6th, Morocco’s three largest worker unions are organizing a rally against these governmental measures that have caused the hiring freeze.

It is worth pointing out that last month, a similar event took place in Rabat’s Agdal train station. The same group of people chained themselves and sat on railways tracks after spraying themselves with gasoline.