Muslim extremists to levy tax on Syrian Christians

Muslim extremists to levy tax on Syrian Christians



28 February 2014 | Source: NHK

A group of Muslim extremists in Syria says it will impose a tax on a northern city’s Christian residents — a sign that religious suppression of the country’s minority Christians is gaining momentum.

A statement posted online by the group, “The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant”, demands that Christian residents of Raqqa pay a tax in gold in return for protection.

It says Christians must stop renovating churches and ringing church bells.

The statement also says that if they refuse to follow these directives, they may become the target of attacks.

The militant group is one of the opposition forces fighting the Syrian government troops under President Bashar al-Assad. Most of the members are from other countries, including Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The group has taken control of cities in northern and eastern Syria and is expanding its influence.

28 February 2014 | NHK

The Moroccan Times, 28 February 2014