Moroccan BCP opens an Office in the U.S.A

Moroccan BCP opens an Office in the U.S.A


Moroccan based bank “La Banque Centrale Populaire” has been given the green light by the U.S.A “Federal Reserve” authorities to open a representative office in Washington D.C.

A first for the Moroccan banking sector, “La Banque Centrale Populaire”  is aiming to strengthen its presence in North America.

According to a statement from the bank, the new office in Washington D.C will mainly provide customers and prospective ones with all necessary information on financial products and services offered by the Bank in Morocco.

The Office will also be conducting preliminary steps necessary for the effective establishment of business relationships between Morocco and the United States.

It is worth pointing out that this is the second office the BCP is opening in North America. BCP has previously opened an office in Montreal, Canada.

The Moroccan Times.