Apple, Samsung face off in latest court battle

Apple, Samsung face off in latest court battle



applesamTwo of the world’s top smartphone makers, Apple and Samsung Electronics, are back in court for the latest battle of their patent war.

A court in California has started selecting jurors for the case.

Both companies filed suits covering their main models, including Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S3.

US-based Apple says the South Korean firm infringed 5 of its patents, including one for the “slide-to-unlock” function that allows users to operate their phones by swiping the screens.

Samsung says Apple infringed 2 patents for transmitting visual and audio data.

The tech giants have been locked in legal battles around the world over intellectual property rights.

About a month ago, the court ordered Samsung to pay Apple 930 million dollars for patent infringement.

Source:  NHK