Former FC Barcelona Coach Tito Vilanova Passes Away

Former FC Barcelona Coach Tito Vilanova Passes Away



Tito Vilanova, a former Barcelona coach, passed away today at the age of 45 after losing his battle with throat cancer. He has been diagnosed with cancer in 2011 while he was Pep Guardiola’s assistant. He became manager of the club when Guardiola left the club in 2012 and led Barcelona to la Liga title in 2013 with a record of 100 points.

Vilanova stepped down in the summer of the same year following a relapse.

Vilanova was accepted at the hospital in Barcelona last week and underwent emergency surgery on Thursday.

Lionel Messi wrote a tribute on his Facebook page saying: “A person difficult to forget. I will always remember you. All my love to the family of Tito.”

Barcelona president did not wait long to react either saying on Twitter:”Tito Vilanova was a wonderful person, and will never be forgotten at FC Barcelona. Thank you for everything you taught us. Rest in peace.”

Cesc Fabregas, who was tutored by Vilanova while he was a cadet at the club wrote: “Tito, thank you for all you have given to football and Barça. “Personally, I met you 14 years ago and I can say that there are very few people like you. Thank you for always trusting me to help me improve and overcome personal and professional obstacles. “We will always keep a place for you in our hearts. Rest in peace Tito.”